I have worked with glass for 11 years, honing and developing my glass and design skills.  Over the past five years I have been experimenting with processes and finding materials that fulfil an intrinsic need to make and create. It is by no mistake I have been drawn to develop my style utilising powders, as it feels like playing and drawing with sand.


I have been concentrating on making sculptural glass vessels which are challenging my making processes as they are becoming increasingly large.  It is an interesting dichotomy as the inspiration for my work invariably comes from very small sea creatures. 


I utilise handmade moulds, sheet and powdered glass, along with the kiln where I manipulate the effects of time, gravity, mass, temperature and multiple firings to create vessels of unique shape and form.   After kiln forming, the vessels are further worked using many cold working processes including, hand lapping, engraving, diamond point and sandblasting.


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